Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chris Butler Annual Wrapping Contest

2/3 Chi-Pig and 1/2 Half Cleveland

this from our frienf CB:

yo all you cats & cittens...

the OFFICIAL BEGINNING of the Christmas season ain't Halloween (sorry, LW3) or Thanksgiving (sorry, all you Big Box retailers)'s when your's truly announces that the competition for the coveted WRAPPIE AWARD has officially begun!

the WRAPPIE goes to the FIRST person to email me about 'sighting' (er..obviously 'hearing') The Waitresses' version of "Christmas Wrapping" in a public space or on the radio. (nb: shoe stores/malls/college radio all count - playing the tune in you home don't).

every year (2005 being the event's 10th Anniversary), the winner gets $100 donated in their name to the Hoboken Library's Children's Book Fund. (the Library will send the winner a confirmation letter, if requested.)

the other rules: none...

merry pre-sale/non-sectarian holiday wishes to one and all, and may the best set of ears win!


ps - feel free to forward this/blog it/etc...

Keep Listening!

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