Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Coop

The home to Bill Zorn...the Z Man.
Back in the day Bill lived in the Coop, a converted chicken coop with a metal working shop on the ground floor, and Bill's living/performance space in the loft above.
Filled with bullwhips, firearms, electric erotic art, and extremely psychadelic lighting performances, it was accompanied by loud rock.
I'm sure you all have stories.
Mine's about Zorn bullwhipping a cigarette out of Gerry Casale's hand, in the parking lot outside the coop, behind Burgners.
Talk about art meets politics.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Z back in the early '80's and I lived in the house in front of The Coop. I participated in some informal music sessions in The Coop and I remember the time Joe Walsh stopped by to visit Z afer a gig. I also had been to Z's place in Akron which was a psychadaelic experience in itself. Whatever happened to him ?