Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kent Reunion

This was passed along by Chris Butler.

Hi Everyone,

Some folks from Kent asked me to send an email around to see what kind of response there would be for a reunion at Kent this May 4th.

Dan Miller plans to show his documentary there this May. He'll have about 60 minutes of the feature-length video he plans to air on public broadcasting and at Sundance about Kent State SDS and the struggle there after SDS was kicked off campus --from about 1964 through the 70s.

So...it's a great opportunity to get together as always. At the 2000 reunion, we spent a day with a sound system in a Kent restaurant telling each other our stories and eating wonderful food. It was an exhilarating experience. I'd love to do something like that again.

I'm in Oregon-- in fact we're all so far away from each other that it's a bit hard to feel the pulse of the group...but...let's talk about this. Remember to "reply all" so everyone on the list gets to read everything everyone writes. Also....take a look at the email list. If you know the addresses of people who should be included there, please let me know and I'll send those addresses out to everyone as well. Of course, some folks don't have email (I have numbers for George Huffman, Vince and Carolyn Modugno, Terry Hynde, Ruth Gibson --if you have others, let me know. A volunteer will be needed to reach them).

Love to you all,
Candy (Erickson) Knox

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