Thursday, August 02, 2007

BruceApalooza 2007

Harvey Gold (Half Cleveland), Paul Long (the Riotous Bros), Patrick Sweany (Mars) and Martin Birch (the Riotous Bros.) do an A.C. (after cake) jam out at the end of the evening.

Friday night February 9th, 2007, about 75 people helped me celebrate my 60th birthday…a scary male milestone. It was my idea to put a broad crossection of my musical friends on stage and see what would happen. It worked out really fine. Shot the entire four hours of music on 2 Betacams and recorded to 24 track Fostex. The DVD may be out in the fall.
Joe Galdo, Joe Lala, Joe Foglia, Tony Battaglia, Chi-Pig, the Riotous Bros., Half-Cleveland, Patrick Sweany, Ken Hatley and Peter van der Sande all contributed to the festivites. Check out Dolli Gold’s photo essay on the party at:
or more photos at:

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