Thursday, January 20, 2005

Concerts at Memorial Gym

I was working for the KSU audio-visual deptartment, and I set up and ran the P.A. for most of the concerts held in Memorial Gym. Two of the most outstanding shows were the Blues Project with Al Kooper and Sly and the Family Stone, who rocked the Kent crowd.
Years later I worked on Al's solo album at the Record Plant in L.A.

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dscroggy said...

I went to the Sly & Family Stone concert at Kent State. It was a great show, but we didn't realize at the time that the most remarkable thing about the concert was that they actually played. This was during the time when, at least by written reports, it was a bit of a crapshoot if Sly would have it together enough to take the stage. No such problems at Kent, however. I also had gone up from Akron to the gym a few years before to see The Lovin' Spoonful play. They were a big name then, and at the top of their form. You couldn't smoke inside, but Zal lit up onstage, which we all thought was quite rebellious of him.

I did get to see The Blues Project also, but at LaCave in November 1966. I got the date by looking around on Google and finding an article on "The 25 Greatest Moments in Cleveland Rock & Roll" if you are interested, go to:

We were great fans of guitarist Danny Kalb, and went to a Sunday matinee show. Kalb played well, offset by Kooper's spooky organ. Andy Kulenberg did "Flute Thing". We were suitably impressed, but one thing I always remember is that, while at high school on the Friday before we went, I bragged to classmate Chrissie Hynde that we were going to go. She quietly mentioned that she was going to another concert that weekend, being held at the Akron Armory. The headliner was Aretha Franklin and the opening act was B.B. King. Hmm... I wonder who saw the better show? -DS