Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Mystery of Piper Rock

David Scroggy wrote me about possible blog topics, one of them was Piper Rock, a rock concert that I supposedly stage managed, the problem is I don't remember any of it. It's keeping me awake at nights, so if anyone can refresh my memory, when was it? who was the promoter? exactly where was it?

Here's what I wrote to Scroggy

Piper Rock? seeems to be a black hole in my memory...was that the concert in the park where the bikers and the hippies had a showdown... refresh my
----- Original Message -----
From: David Scroggy
To: Bruce Hensal
Cc: Peter Goodman
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005 7:51 PM
Subject: Re: Possible blog topics?

> i thought Piper Rock might be a good one for you. As I
> remember it was you who organized a whole bunch of us
> to go there and work We didn't get paid except for the
> promise of a t-shirt and we didn't even get that.
> I can try to get it started, though. But I'd bet you
> have more to say

then he went on,

It was a rock festival to be held outside of Akron
somewhere. You had organized a bunch of people from
kent to come and help be set-up crew. I went, and I
know a friend of mine named greg sandage came also. We
all got to the venue (a farm or something) the night
before. We spent the night out there and started
working in the morning.

There was an out-of-town crew who had built the stage.
The workers were led by a hippie named "Thumper" who
was a big guy with very long black hair and a big
black beard.

It was a bit of a disaster. It poured with rain all
night and continued into the day.

The way we got equipment up to the top of the stage
was to pass the amps and stuff hand-to-hand up a
narrow wooden flight of stairs. It was nuts- we could
have lost people.

I believe this was the first gig of Barnstorm, except
Joe called the band "Barnyard". I can't remember who
all was in it. I remember they did a version of Honky
Tonk Women. Probably Vitale on drums.

Other bands (I can't remember all of them) scheduled
included Pig Iron (from Toronto) Canned Heat, The
Byrds, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition and I'm not
sure who else.

Several of them refused to play (like the Byrds)
because they were afraid they would get electrocuted
playing in the rain. Others kind of faked it. For
example, Canned Heat didn't set up, but Bob "The Bear"
Hyte and "Blind Owl" sat in with Pig Iron, using them
as a backing band and doing some Canned Heat songs.

I assume you were a sound man, but can't remember.

I remember you marvelling over a clause in Canned
Heat's contract that required the festival to give
them limousine transportation. You wanted to have Jim
Greathouse, who drove an old hearse in those days, to
pick them up at the airport, thereby providing a
"limousine". This didn't happen, but you thought it
would be funny.

The backstage area was a sea of mud. Most vehicles
were up to their axles in it and stuck. But this crazy
young farmer guy named Ed Hatch (who I knew from
Akron- I don't think any of the Kent people knew him)
showed up in his pickup truck, which was the only
thing that could move through the mud. He was
immediately pressed into service. Since I knew him, he
let me ride in the back when he drove out to pick up
Kenny Rogers and band from their stuck tour bus out by
the road and took them to the backstage area. So I got
to ride in the truck bed with Kenny & his band.

I know there were some other good acts there, but I
can't remember who. maybe someone else will know.

Is any of this coming back to you?



PG said...

DS did an excellent recap on the Piper Rock festival. There was lots of rain there, the Byrds did refuse to play due to electrical safety concerns (just as Moby Grape refused to go down the narrow little stairs at LaCav), and the audience loved the rain. The movie Woodstock had just been released and all the kids were right at home reliving the Ohio version of Woodstock by rolling around in the mud. I believe BH actually bailed out part way through and mentioned to me that as he was leaving he passed Bob Hite of Canned Heat walking towards the stage scratching his head. The festival had these grey T shirts with blue lettering and a picture of a hippie girl with electric hair on the front. I made it out to California a few months later with my t shirt and a few months after that I was living in this commune up on the Russian River in Sonoma, CA. There was a very good artist from Akron named Larry Zink who was also living there and he did a color drawing of me in the T shirt playing my old Gibson 345 guitar. My 29 year old daughter Delilah currently has that picture hanging in her room.


dscroggy said...

Well, at least you got your t-shirt. Do you remember who any of the other bands were? -DS

dscroggy said...

I remembered one answer to my own question. A group called SMITH was also on the bill. I think, like Canned Heat, the whole band didn't play, or if they did they used Pig Iron's equipment.

I found this on the web about them:

"Basically a mainstream pop/rock band with hard rock and soul-influenced arrangements, Smith hit the Top Ten in 1969 with their drastically revised cover of The Shirelles' "Baby It's You." Featuring three lead singers and a B-3 Hammond organ, their strongest asset was their most frequent vocalist, Gayle McCormick, an accomplished female blue-eyed soul belter. Most of their material consisted of covers of popular rock and R&B tunes, and they broke up after a couple of albums, though the singles "What Am I Gonna Do" (co-written by Carole King) and "Take a Look Around" made the middle of the charts."

I know that Gayle McCormick at least took the stage, and was part of the jam-style presentation that included members of canned heat and Pig Iron. -DS

Anonymous said...

Well to say the least I had a great time...I was friends with a band called Glass Harp, a Youngstown ,Ohio based band.It was fun and we remember swimming in the flooded creek.also to every bodys delight I saved a Festival has all the bands one has this ticket...well I do save everything.....hahahaha ok send me a reply...........Jac

Jac said...

Ticket stub

Anonymous said...

First of all, this isn't a commercial. . . I have the poster for this event in my eBay store, Bill's Worldwide Records. Just in case anyone wishes to view. The Rascals are the headliners. . .

TB said...

Piper Rock Festival was held on a strawberry farm in Newton Falls, Ohio. The year before the concert I worked there as a strawberry picker so I knew the area well . The farm was located on Old 534, the new road did not exist at that time. Yes, a motorcycle gang did serve as the bouncers/security. I lived about 2 miles further south on 534 and was a sophomore in high school. I found out if you were a resident of Newton Falls you could get in free. I found that out after I snuck in by way of following the river to the concert site and saw some of my friends who told me I just needed some proof I lived in Newton Falls. As I was leaving some of the MC Gang (yes I know their name but I would rather not say) caught me and detained me for a while. I left and got my report card and arrived legitimately. I was there about every day and yes it did rain a lot.

The yard that our house was on was large with a long drive way. We had many people stop and spend the night in our driveway including a van of Hare Krishna. It was a pretty easy walk from our house to the farm. My Dad and I were out in the front yard as we watched the hundreds of cars coming from the south on 534 heading to the strawberry farm.
At one point he said “Listen!”. He said it sounds like some B52 bombers were approaching. As he strained to listen and watch the skies, I noticed that the flow of cars seemed to stop and the noise was getting louder. About five minutes later and no cars passing we realized what the “B52” sound was. It was the MC Gang traveling from the south at about 20 miles per hour. There must have been a couple hundred of them and all Harleys. A beautiful site and sound.

I mainly went to see the people and the nude girls running in the woods and swimming in the river. The Newton Falls paper had a picture of a nude male swinging from a rope into the river. This male was a member of my high school class and yes I knew him.

I was there with a few of my school friends digging through all the trash that was left after it was over. So was a television crew recoding the mess that was left behind. They taped us looking through what was left and we were on television. It was a long shot of us but we knew it was us.

I did find a program in the trash from the concert and saved it. It possible may be the only one in the world. I know that is grand statement but there seems to be next to no information on the web and I have never seen another copy of the program anywhere else.

Piper Rock Festival held in May of 1970 was held in Newton Falls Ohio…NOT Nelson Ledges. I was there and it is part of my childhood.

TB said...

I think the concert may have been originally scheduled to be at Nelson Ledges but at the last moment it was changed because Nelson ledges park officials were concerned that the concertgoers may damage the park area. The park is separate from the racetrack.

Doc said...

May 24th 1970 Piper Rock Festival, (w/ Rascals, Canned Heat, Cold Blood, Byrds, Smith, Glass Harp, Marble Cake) Poster exists but Alice Cooper were a late addition to the bill (eye witness).

Anonymous said...

I was there also. The festival was moved a few times because of injunctions, and it wasn't until the day before that this site was secured. The Rascals were supposed to be there, but canceled.

The morning was a bummer. Cold, rainy, wet, and people were moping around, not talking, not happy. The sound system was awful, and the morning bands sucked. Around noon it began to rain, and my friends and I headed into town for some lunch, assuming the festival was a bust. We found a great bar, and my girlfriend played pool with a bunch of bikers... Ohio Angels, if I remember correctly.

After a few beers and sandwiches the weather appeared to be clearing, and we drove back out to the site. It was like going to a different festival. The sound system problems were corrected, and Kenny Rogers & the First Edition sounded okay. Smith played next, and they were enjoyable. People were talking and laughing with one another, joints were being passed around, and the atmosphere was a complete reversal of the vibes from the morning.

The deal with only Pig Iron's equipment being on stage is this:
While Pig Iron (their only album is a classic - highly recommended with a great version of "I Put A Spell On You") was playing the state police showed up with yet another injunction. The police told the organizers that when Pig Iron finished their set, they were going to shut down the show. Bob Hite came out on stage and explained this. And he said since it was the last act, he and the other members of Canned Heat and the group Cold Blood would simply join Pig Iron. Hite was walking around on stage, playing the role of conductor, instructing players one by one, and the three bands basically just jammed, primarily with CH boogie numbers, for a couple hours.

I've seen hundreds of bands, and this was one of the greatest shows I ever saw. As well as being one of the best experiences.

58dotneck said...

i too was there. I do remember the bands listed above and I remember skinny dipping in the river. What a blast. I've been looking for anthing from the concert posters,programs, ticket stubs etc. but haven,t found any. Anybody know of any, even a copy?

Anonymous said...

I was also there, I knew the bands were coming a week before it was announced. I even took some class mates down after school to the stage before the rain. I also took care of the horses in the barn. Most of the information about the bands has been covered. I currently have the original "Come Together" programs. I also only lived 1 1/2 miles from the farm.
If the price is right, I will be interested in selling a program. Leave a message and I will e-mail you.

farmer said...

was also there, I knew the bands were coming a week before it was announced. I even took some class mates down after school to the stage before the rain. I also took care of the horses in the barn. Most of the information about the bands has been covered. I currently have the original "Come Together" programs. I also only lived 1 1/2 miles from the farm.
If the price is right, I will be interested in selling a program. Leave a message and I will e-mail you.

8:46 PM

Anonymous said...

A poster of this event hangs on the bottom of the counter at the Barberton License Bureau. It is pertty good shape. Wonder if it has any value.

james said...

I was poking around and found your blog as I am none other than Jim Greathouse who drove the hearse and was asked by Bruce to be part of the staff of grunts to move equipment in and out of the stage. I tried my best to put a little guilt trip on Jim Mcguin and realized he was a lightweight but was helping to en courage Gayle Mccormick with the aid of lucky charms that it would be a shame to let this vibe die.Dave I got a t-shirt that became so thread bear that it was thrown away.So Dave, Bruce,and Pete let me know what`s up

Dicky Payne said...

Yes i was in the piper rock festival our band was called Purple Image we were the first to come on at 7:00 in the morning mud and all,it was great.

Anonymous said...

Poster and Ticket Stub of Piper Rock Festival and so much more!
Jac "Youngstownsrocknrollhistory"

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Anonymous said...

I was about in 8th grade and lived right down the road from this concert at the project in Newton Falls. I remember my stepdad taking me for a ride up the road and stating "smell that sweet smell in the air? that's grass"...We went by the river and the naked girls were everywhere...I think my dad parked it and we just sat for 20 minutes or so watching...

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traveljewels said...

I'm dating one of the promoters of this event & it's funny because I ran across this chatter because he is looking for his friend that was his co- promoter, Gary Gardner. He moved to California about six years after they did this event & lost touch. My boyfriend's name is Ernie Passeos & he's the Harley Davidson Dealer in Akron. So if anyone knows any info on Gary let me, or Ernie, know.

Anonymous said...

The Piper Rock Festival was indeed held on the Dankovich Farm (Dave's Farm Market) on Old ST RT 534 just south of Newton Falls, Ohio. A last minute injunction mandated the move from north of Akron on Rt 8 to the Newton Falls site. It was a wet morning and there was trouble starting on time because the stage and equipment truck was stuck in the mud. A large tow truck was summoned and eventually the show started a midst the rain. Lots of mud, nudity, drugs and fun. There was one heavy set woman that emerged from the Mahoning river with primative tattoos. One over the left breast that read "hot" and one over the right that said "cold". Whew... Woodstock was less than a year old and the Kent State shootings had just happened three weeks prior. Proof of Newton Falls residency gained you free entrance. The only concert ticket that I do NOT have, and I've seen over 50. The concert was good, not great. The rain caused problems with electric and therefore some chose not to perform. TV stations and print media were there. The Youngstown Vindicator has a nice Arial photo of the crowd in it's archives. My family farm was just over a mile away and as evening drew near, I went home with my two friends, filled our Ford Model 860 tractor with gas, grabbed a couple log chains and we pulled out scores of vehicles from the mud. I've searched for years for tickets, programs or posters and there is very little out there of this nature. Locals can view articles in the May 25, 1970 microfilm editions of the Warren Tribune Chronicle and Youngstown Vindicator along with the May 28 weekly edition of the Newton Falls Herald. Rod Zeck

Anonymous said...

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