Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart

Did any of you attend the Jeff Beck Group show at the short lived
Grande Ballroom in Cleveland? Rod Stewart was the singer, Ron Wood played bass, Mickey Waller on drums and Max Middelton on keyboards. Amazing show...and the year was?


dscroggy said...

I didn't see them at Grande ballroom in Cleveland, but I saw them at LaCave in Cleveland. I often tell people that was one of the best shows I ever saw.

I used to love to get up there because, being under 18 at the time, we could still get in and drink watered-down 3.2 beer. Even at that age we could scarf down whole pitchers at a time, so I guess it was mostly water. But didn't we feel swell anyway!

Most bands did two sets. You could get there early for the first one and just not leave. Since security was non-existent, you could also (if you had the nerve) go back to the dressing room and see if the band would talk to you. They usually would.

As LaCave turned from a tiny basement folk club to a tiny basement club with electric music, you were never really sure if the advertised band would actually play. They would sometimes show up, take one look at the narrow staircase and size of the room, and simply refuse to unload their equipment. I remember that happening with Moby Grape.

But the Beck Group played. And how. I came up with some friends from Akron
( I think Mike Aylward, later of Tin Huey, was one of them) and we camped out at a front table. I think they were just using their pre-amps, which sounded as loud as jet engines down in that smoky basement.

It was a little restrained, except for our table and a few others. Dazed with exhuberence and cheap beer, we screamed and stomped and otherwise freaked out. We went back during intermission, and although they teased us a bit they were basically kind to some (probably insufferable) kid fans who interrupted their break time with a bunch of dumb questions.

Then came the second set. If we were revved up for the first one, we were stripping our gears for the second. Rod Stewart (we were old pub mates by then), started a "call & response" to the audience during Rock My Plimsoul. No one much was hollering except us, so he leaned way over from the stage, practically in our faces, and started echoing our yells back right at us.

Beck was wailing like nobody's business, Ron Wood's bass shook the glasses off the front tables, and Waller kept it all in time from the drum kit.

I went to a few shows at Grande Ballroom, but don't remember Beck being there. If Bruce says he was, I've no doubt it is true, but that gig at LaCave was "the goods". -DS

PG said...

November 1968

BadNan said...

Beck and Stewart were indeed at the Grande Ballroom in Cleveland.

Me, my boyfriend Pete Gordon and our mutual friend Freddie Salem (Outlaws)went to see them there. They were fabulous. We parked in a lot behind the theater which was down in a little alleyway. It was brutally cold that night and I had run ahead to get into the car. As I passed the back door of the theater, someone started hollering at me. When I turned to look, it was Ronnie Wood. I was so shocked that I just continued on to the car. A few seconds after I had gotten into the passenger seat, I see Ronnie running down the hill, he jumped on the hood of the car and made a face at me through the windshield glass. Moments later my boyfriend sees Wood and thinks he's flirting with me and before he realizes who he is starts to yell at him. Ronnie took off running back to the theater door. We saw Stewart climb into a corvette with a beautiful blond girl (think she was from Kent) and then the others into their perspective rides. What a night!!!!Should've ditched the boyfriend!!